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 Suggestions for the game

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PostSubject: Suggestions for the game   Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:17 pm

Ok so here are some things I think should be added to the game.


Tuffle -
-A SSJ 4 Tuffle as a last trans > We talked about this in another game, but they never made it so I think you should. (Basically its just a ssj 4 except with tuffle hair, and white/greyish fur)

Humans -
-For their last trans keep the same hair and everything but just give them the metal body icon that everyone has.

Buu -
-Add in that buff buu form, like right before kid buu and you can decide if its perm or not.

Kai -
-Not sure if you have added their transes in this game yet but here is what they should be in my opinion
-Apprentice (just a color change)
-King Kai
-Supreme Kai (Give them the hair that the supreme kai had, that Mohawk thing)
-Grand Kai
-Elder Kai
-Ultimate Kai

Half Saiyan -
-Maybe add some sort of mystic ssj 5

Other Suggstions:

-Make a way to sell your guild items, it gets annoying sometimes.

-Maybe Make it so that Adnroids can buy chips from Dr. Gero using money or kill or something.

Well thanks for looking at my suggestions! If you need me I will be enjoying the game Smile
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Suggestions for the game
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