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Cool dude

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PostSubject: Cool's GM APPLICATION.   Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:21 pm

Ingame Name:COOL DUDEZ

Byond Key:Michaelnoddy

Howlong you've been playing DBZ Heroes Legend:Only 2 days

What GM lvl do you want:Level 2 or 3.

Previous GM experience:I have been GM in Bleach:life and death.

Are you GM on another game at this moment?:DBZ:fight for supremacy and a trial on this game.

What is GM Abuse to you:a GM abuse is a GM not using his powers for helping people but for himself.

How good do you know the rules?:well i follow every rule perfecty.

What talents do you have (code,icon,map etc):i can code and icon but i cant map.

Why you want gm:I am a GM but i want to be higher level GM cause i want to help people more and want them to enjoy the like it was real life.
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