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 Csnipe's Gm app

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PostSubject: Csnipe's Gm app   Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:13 am

Ingame Name: Seijan and sometimes I use Malikai.

Key: Countersnipe101

Howlong you've been playing DBZ Heroes Legend: uh i dont remember lol, since its been up so like 6 days or something...

What GM lvl do you want: 1 or 2 is all I need I dont care about the fancy powers and stuff.

Previous GM experience: Ive been gm on like 5 games 4 of which were dbz. The other was my friends game.

Are you GM on another game at this moment?: Im a GM on Max's server for Fight for supremacy. Lvl 3

What is GM Abuse to you: Editing stats, insulting players, muting/banning for no reason or because you just dont like someone. You know normal stuff. Also little things like announcing everything or summoning dbz or whatever.

How good do you know the rules?: I know them well ive seen them and ive been with dbz games since i started BYOND which was 5 years ago.

What talents do you have (code,icon,map etc): Im a pretty decent iconer, not turfs, but clothes and armor and what not.

Why you want gm:I just like helping people, and I keep trying to find fun DBZ games, and this is one of the few that I have found so it would be nice to be GM. I just like helping people out and people would respect me more if I were GM.

So yah thanks for checking this out, but either way I will still play and enjoy the game. Oh and I have some ideas for it if your interested. THANKS!
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Csnipe's Gm app
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