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 Meh GM Application

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PostSubject: Meh GM Application   Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:48 am

Ingame Name:Akato(Main),Kaizen(alt)


How long you've been playing :I've been playing quite a while on this game.I play most of the times but i'm not a addict in games like some people are but i'll try my best to be on a lot.

What GM lvl do you want:I would like to start from the lowest level GM and prove to you that I could become a better GM.

Previous GM experience:Well, I only been GM on 1 Dragonball game cause I usually play games like bleach and naruto but this game has made DBZ much better. The Attacks in it are great gfx.

Are you GM on another game at this moment?:At the moment, no because in all the games, not a lot of them were original. But this game, this game is Original and has a good leveling system that most games dont have because fast leveling is the new thing but i dont really think it is.

What is GM Abuse to you:GM abuse to me is using your powers to do whatever thinking your the cool guy.GM abuse is for Dbz is usually tele killing and reviving dragonballs just for u to get. I promise that I wont do any of these things and make sure no one will do bad stuff.

How good do you know the rules?:To tell you the true, I know most of the rules but I dont know all of them.

What talents do you have (code,icon,map etc):I am a iconner but I'm just starting it so I dont think you'll need a begginner iconnist

Why you want gm: I want to be GM because i want to make this game more better for players.I will do my duty to track down multikeys and those who abuse bugs if there are any.Plus, I want to be GM because I know this game is gonna be one of the best and I will be Proud to be one of the Gms of the game.

Hope I get GM. Thank you for Reading and To all of you, HAVE FUN PLAYING THIS DBZ GAME! WOOOHHHH!!!!
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PostSubject: Good Job...   Mon Nov 03, 2008 1:40 am

Good Job you didint have to lie The games only been up for a day.....
The rest of your app is good

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Meh GM Application
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